Past Years

"This event was healing on every level. Learning from elder sisters and spending an entire weekend solely in the company of like-minded women filled my soul with love, respect and gratitude. I am eagerly awaiting next year's event."
Sally Berger, Acworth, GA

"Becoming a wise woman is becoming something you've always been. Attending this conference helps you get there with grace, laughter, and a loving smile. All weekend long, women meet each other, see each other, hear each other, and teach each other. It's the most heart opening experience I've ever had and I'm looking for ways to keep it going throughout the year until I can attend again."
Jen "Green" Wike Huger Raleigh, NC



"Every year in October, I make the pilgrimage up to North Carolina for the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. It is a vital piece of my year, and it never fails how potent the experience is. Each time I go, I become recharged, re-inspired, invigorated, and truly nourished by the community of women that gathers. I became hopeful again . . . I met other women who had so much LIFE in their bones, and we laughed and shared stories for countless hours, until the moon rose. I feel so incredibly grateful for this conference, and all that it has taught me. This year, for the gifts in healing the body, and fully embracing that intuitive practitioner and healer, the science behind the chemical compounds and active constituents of the plants intersected with virology, oncology, and the neuroendocrine system, how to be your best mother, and the graceful healing process that comes from working with plants. We are meant to be in symbiosis with them, and to be surrounded by hundreds of women that practices this, is truly powerful."
Alexandra Keane, Charleston, SC

"Every year I attend the conference I leave saying this was the best year ever! And I can say that again. I learn so much and the loving nurturing spirit that grows each day of the conference always amazes me! I feel and also I hear each year this expressed... 'I wish it wasn't over so soon!' That says it all."
AKL from Florida

"What a powerful experience to be fully in the heartbeat of women joyfully working to impact the world with their gifts and love. My daughter and I left the weekend feeling inspired and connected. Thank you!"
Kit McGinnis, Charles Town, WV

"Whether you are novice or advanced in your understanding and working with herbs you will undoubtedly expand your knowledge at the Southest Wise Women's Conference. This Conference has something for every woman. This weekend I stepped outside my comfort zone and I'm so glad that I did! You will leave the weekend feeling restored and empowered; with a greater love for your passion, each other and the Earth."
Jenna Baughman, Wilmington, NC

"A gathering of this magnitude demonstrates the capacity of women to organize, create, orchestrate and wholly participate in life as it is presenting itself at this time!" 
Roberta Jackson, Wrentham, MA

"The Conference is always informative, uplifting and a wonderful way to network with like minded folks. I've been nine years and always leave with having made new friends." 
Patsy, North Alabama

"Living in this women's community for a few days out of each year gives me so much hope for the future of Earth. There exists such a spirit of unity and connection amongst friends and strangers, young and old and various ethnic backgrounds. We are a model for peaceful cultural exchange! Thank you SEWWHC team and attendees for helping us live the dream!"
Leah Stickels, Fairview, NC

"The Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference is something my dearest friends and I look forward to every year. It is where we gather with Medicine Women from all over the region, learning from thought-leaders, healers, and master practitioners in an environment that is inclusive, grounded, and inspiring. I am always invigorated, replenished and ready to weave it all into practice." 
Nicole Johnson, Asheville, NC

"The Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference was the best weekend ever. I am so grateful that I got to attend such an amazing event with such beautiful women. It was a spiritually and emotionally positive uplifting and wholesome environment. The venue is phenomenal and I am so grateful for the women who run this event. I cannot wait to come next year and I am going to try to convince my mom and sister and niece to come with me. This event has changed my life. Thank you, Southeast Wise Women!" 
Melissa Matyja, Newnan, GA

"I am 42 and this was the first time, as an adult, I have been in the presence of so many women at once. The diversity of women from all walks of life and the power of their presence was awe inspiring. I will stand in my power."
Violet Diane, Charlotte, NC

"I love the focus on racial equity and the chance to commune in a true way with sisters of so many colors and cultures."
Dierdra Rickard, Greensboro, NC

"Some years I do more laughing and some years I do more crying, but it is always an emotionally enriching experience that I look forward to each year." 
Greer Karbowski, Asheville, NC

"I knew coming to Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference would be a big thing for me but it has been transformational. I am so honored and humbled and energized to be a part of an intentional community of amazing women working together to heal ourselves, our communities, and our Earth!"
Jen Heglar, Johnson City, TN

"This is the most safe, joyful, and powerful coming together of women that I have ever experienced. I am overflowing with love from my sisters and the plants, and am deeply grateful for everyone who makes this joyous occassion happen."
Katie Kovach, Durham, NC

"An expansive weekend! You will walk away feeling seen, heard, held and fully celebrated, as there is something here for each of us. I extend endless gratitude to every being involved in this gathering to honor Gaia, ourselves, and our sacred connection." 
Tay Bland, Cincinnati, OH

"Although I have moved away from NC, I always look forward to this time of year when I feel like I can share these very special times with my sisters of all colors and from all different backgrounds. It is so beautiful that we can come together on this common ground, a love of natural healing, natural living and women's health in general." 
Devorah Danielson, Crofton, MD

"This Conference was Life Changing! This was my first time attending and I didn't quite know what to expect. I cherished being around women at all stages of development, sharing our knowledge, and experiencing the POWERFUL medicine from all who attended (teacher and student alike). I will DEFINITELY come next year, and I will bring my daughters." 
Tiffany Rikard, Conord, NC

"Going to this conference has helped me to heal, appreciate our culture of womanhood, and find my voice, again. I am truly honored to have been apart of such a wonderful experience!"
Deidra Emel, Buffalo, NY

"I travelled all the way from Alaska to attend this event and loved every minute of it. The information provided in the sessions was awesome and it was so much fun to meet so many like minded women." 
Paula Ciniero, Two Rivers, Alaska

"This is the third year that I have attended this event, and I came thinking that it cannot possibly be better than last year. Again, I was totally awe struck and inspired, not only by the classes and teachers, but by the welcoming community of women. There was no judgment, only joy and hope." 
Mary Goldman, Greeneville, TN

"This was my first year of many to come as I plan to make this a tradition. What an experience... life changing to say the least. I've never been surrounded by so many women who share my path and spirit journey. What a beautiful group of souls that I can't wait to see again. My cup overfloweth... "
Amy Freeman, Deep Gap, NC

"I felt 'healed' and 'whole' when I left. From the opening ceremony on I realized that I'd found my home, my sisters, my people. It was so wonderful to meet other women who believed in the Wise Woman tradition. I felt loved and accepted just as I am. Our bonding together as sisters of all shapes, sizes and shades is a healing balm to our planet, country, friends, family and neighbors. I love you all my sisters. Thank you."

"This gathering has changed my life. Every year I find new healing for myself and to take back to my community. I now know the amazing power of being held in a loving sisterhood of over a thousand women."
Amy Stenzel, Washington, DC

“Chances are, if you're thinking about going to the conference, you probably really need to attend. I went on a recommendation, and didn't know a whole lot about the science of herbs, but I have been on a strong woman's path for my whole life, and being surrounded by the same kinds of women, young and elder, was exactly what I needed at this time in my life, and in the planet's life. Women are remembering their roots. This is the place to do it, without a doubt.”
Salina Marie Gomez, Chicago, IL

"I had never been to an all-woman event before and it was amazing how free and un-self conscious I felt!"
SK Valentine, Tallahassee, FL

“I really enjoy the building of racial diversity. It is wonderful to be with ALL of our wise sisters. Mitakuye Oyasin - We are ALL related (Lakota)”
Janet Belling, Austin, TX

"Wonderful experience every year... and every year I come back for more!"
Tina Buckles, Salisbury, NC

"I have attended multiple conferences in the past, and each time I return renewed, impressed and inspired. Whatever path I have found myself on in life-as a college student, as a young woman, and as a young professional, I find that attending the conference nourishes my soul, spirit and passion. This gathering of educators and learners is a "promised land" that I love returning to year after year."
Morgan A. Jordan, Spartanburg, SC

"Wise Women are needed. Wise Women are celebrated. Wise Women are necessary. Wise Women are integral to our survival on this planet. That is what this conference is all about. I pray that this conference continues for many many more years. Its a safe place where we can come to grow, heal, support, learn from, and love one another. Congrats, admiration, and gratitude to the volunteers, teachers, organizers, DREAMERS, visionaries, to one and all that made this conference EXTRAORDINARY!"

"This conference was nothing short of revolutionary for my personal healing, my professional knowledge, and my capabilities as a healer. My heart was completely opened and I am forever changed."
Sarah Justice, Raleigh, NC

"This weekend reaffirmed for me what I've known all along that I sometimes forget. That I am powerful. I am a healer. That we are all powerful. That we are all healers. And we don't need just need 'professionals' to guide our way to health and wholeness, we need each other standing strong and soft together."

"My first time at the southeast women's conference exceeded all of my expectations! Thank you so much for making my much valued time so magical!"

"This is the most inspiring herbal conference that I attend. I really like the fact that it includes the whole mind, body, spirit experience."
Mary Goldman, Greeneville, TN

"This was my first time at the conference. . . I wanted to learn more about how I can have healthier body. For me, the Blood Sugar Mystery class was a revelation. My Mom was a diabetic, and suffered many ailments because of it. It was very sad for me and it made me cry to see how so many of my Mom's ailments were connected to diabetes and I didn't know. The class also taught me about what I can do to improve my life, so that I don't have to go through what my Mom went through. So thankful and blessed!"
Mercedes Perez, Asheville, NC

"Sometimes I feel like we have such a long way to go before we reach the Aquarian frontier - when we pass through this level of evolution and graduate into the next, but then I see these scenarios unfold where so much multigenerational trauma is safely released and an almost otherworldly presence enters, one that links us all together in our common sorrow and dissolves all of our perceived, superficial differences so we can see how fundamentally the same we are. We are all animated by the same source. Slowly but surely, we are accelerating our capacities to relate to each other and be empathically tuned to each others emotional needs . . . We are living in times when the potential for healing is enormous and whether we actually heal or not all depends on our willingness to feel what is happening in our world, acknowledge our shared history, and transmute it with our personal medicine, which we all carry within us."
Salix Roots, Asheville, NC

"No matter what we deal with in the real world, this place restores your confidence and empowers you to make the changes that need to take place in your life. Together we are the future and need to keep the knowledge alive!!! Blessed be."

"This was my fourth year coming and my mother and aunts sixth year. We started doing it as a family trip to reconnect with ourselves and the earth and to learn about the wise women way. It is now a family tradition that will be passed down as far as it will go!"

"There is hope for the future when a multi-generational event can provide the joyful and intimate environment for sharing ideas, stories and passing the torch to the next generation!"
Leah Stickels, Fairview, NC

"This has become my annual renewal time, and I am so blessed to gather with you all!"

"As a facilitator of sacred women's circles, mother-daughter circles, and coming-of-age ceremonies, much of my healing energy is directed outwards. The SEWWHC was a much-needed sanctuary for me; a time to rest and receive the healing medicine of the wise women of this community. My body was nourished and my spirit nurtured by my time at Lake Eden, and I am so looking forward to returning next year!"
Amy Bammel Wilding, Louisville, KY

"I love this conference. I learn so much, and being with so many beautiful women is inspiring and so energizing. I always come home feeling so empowered."

"Basking in the unconditional love all the entire conference, I found myself thinking how to take that back home to my community. Because that is the world I want for my grandkids and their grandkids. I realized the only way to have that is to live it and it may not always be easy in these times. I will do my best, carrying the nurturing, energy and healing I have found at this conference out into the world and look forward to a recharge next year. Thanks for doing such a good job making this happen."
Pat Bush, Reidsville, NC



"Empowering, heart opening and deeply connecting us to our roots, our memories and our future as women on this earth."
Isa Soler, Burnsville, NC

"This is my 9th year and the Fall conference is always as well done as possible no matter what the weather is like or whatever arises. It is so well organized and the staff are friendly and helpful. Every year is a great experience!"

"Every year has been a gift of knowledge, power, and healing. Thank you!"
Alisa Sorenson, Southern Pines, NC

"Oh, this was so wonderful! So nurturing, so rich, so satisfying. Fills my soul every year--can't wait for next year!"

“I was very impressed with the level of expertise at the conference. I believe this information will shift the way in which I care for patients and practice medicine. I am looking forward to returning next year!”
Julie, Hendersonville, NC

“As a Grandmother I am comforted by knowing that these ways are being handed down through the generations. How amazing to see such strong and passionate women of all ages... infant to elder... loving and living the Wise Woman Way!”
Lulu, Hawkwind, AL

"I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable info I got about finessing the menopausal transition with grace and health. I feel that the up-to-the-minute research plus the Wise Woman approaches I learned about will be not just life-enhancing, but potentially life-saving, as I enter cronehood."
KKN, Charlottesville, VA

"This conference was a very joyful and rare coming together of kindred female spirits refining, shaping and sharing knowledge passed down from the ages. I have learned more in three short days from these women than I have in 30 years of studying alternative wellness. The pathways are becoming clearer and beckon more urgently than ever. Thanks SE Wise Women, for uniting so many in the sacred mission of healing and nourishing ourselves and our loved ones. True wisdom is always passed on, the old ways live through courageous women who understand that everything we need to heal is already at our disposal by the grace of Gaia."
Teresa Britt, Hendersonville, NC

"All women interested in the healing powers of herbs should plan to attend this conference. Set at a rustic camp in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, this conference is an experience exposing you to the most knowledgeable herbalists in the eastern United States. Learn how to use and grow herbs, eat amazing fresh food, and sing and dance with like-minded women."
Jeanine Davis, Asheville, NC

Thank you for a beautiful program that holds such a loving space for us. We come from all facets of life, with struggles, hardships, brokenness, but this place is a saving grace. It gives us the opportunity to come together as friends, better yet...sisters ❤️
Anastasia Clover, Athens, GA


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