Weekend Schedule of Classes & Activities

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Herbal Foundations

Lavender & Lemon Balm • Urban Herbalism • What is CBD? • Earth Medicine 101 • The Fine Craft of Herbal Bitters • The Kitchen Herbalist • Herbal Cordials to Sweeten the Spirit • Tea for Self-Care and Resiliency • Carrier Oils and Crystals • Low Cost Home Apothecary • Herbalists' Botany Walk • Foraging and First Aid Walk

Movement & Sound

West African Dance • Drum Circle • Your Voice and the Power of Sound • Roots of Bellydance • Sunrise Yoga • Qoya: Wild, Wise, and Free • Spiral Power Qi Gong • Trance Dance • Woman Power Dance Hour • Maatic Flow Yoga • Song Circle • Sacred Breathwork

Vibrant Health and Nutrition

Medical Cannabis Applications • Nourishing Traditional Foods: The Key to Vibrant Health • Raw Dairy and Real Milk • Challenging Politically Correct Nutrition: The Oiling of America • Deep Immunity • Herbal Remedies to Ease Suffering •The Sacred Art of Plant-Based Skincare

Advanced Approaches

Food and Phytonutrients as Medicine • Nootropics and the Neuroendocrine • The Flavor and Nature of Herbs • The Philosophy of Herbal Formulation • The Gut Brain Connection • Medicinal Mushrooms

World Medicine Traditions

Understanding Ayurveda • Applying Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Modern Herbalism • African Spirituality and Astrology • Afrolachian Healing • Granny's Scotts-Irish Appalachian Healing • Native American Plant Walk• Rootwork for Self-Transformation

Spirit and Sexuality

The Embodied Orgasm • Tools for Anxiety and Depression • Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves • Liberate: Decolonizing Erotic Pleasure • Plant Spirit Meditation • Bones of Mother Earth: Rock and Mineral Ceremony • Grief Ceremony • Herbal Stress Management

Women's Wisdom

Deep Nourishment in the Wise Woman Tradition • Botanical and Nutritional Support for Menopause • Superpower of Self Love • Maidens Rite of Passage • The Art of Circle • Herbal Wisdom for Families • Holistic Breast Health

Healing Historical Trauma and Oppression

Healthcare Injustice and Herbalism • Southern African-American Rootwork • Overcoming Racial and Social Determinants • Healing Historical Trauma and Grief • Herbs, Slavery, and the South • Racial Equity Training • Peer Listening: Healing the Hurts of Sexism

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  • Advanced Approaches

    Flavor and Nature of Herbs ~ JulieAnn Nugent-Head (Advanced)
    Referencing the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (approx. 250 BCE-200CE), this in depth look at the qualities that define an herb’s medical effect will revolutionize one’s understanding and clinical practice. For example, the subjective flavor and nature of each substance can be experienced by each practitioner, and define that herb’s affect upon the body in a warming, cooling, dispersing, gathering, solidifying, softening, draining or tonifying manner. Using this framework, one can directly experience herb qualities and choose herbs appropriately to affect each patient and condition. Friday 5:00-6:30

    Gut Brain Connection ~ Rebecca Word (Advanced)
    Research just keeps digging deeper and deeper into the myriad influences of our gut microbes on all functions in the body. Mood, cognition, memory, and all other features of nervous system function are seen to be dependent upon our critters. Let’s dive in. Sunday 9:00-10:30

    Medicinal Mushrooms ~ Dr. Cornelia Cho
    Medicinal Mushrooms are our healing allies, producing complex molecules often compatible with human physiology. Lion’s Mane Hericium mushroom produces nerve growth compounds able to cross the blood-brain barrier and stimulate nerve cell growth. Another mushroom is now curing chemical addictions, helping treatment-resistant depression and more. We will discuss clinical research, case studies, precautions and DIY cutting-edge mushroom methodologies. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Nootropics and the Neuroendocrine ~ Jody Noe (Advanced)
    Let’s look at some of the higher cranium herbs that affect neurotransmitters. We will travel from the hippocampus to the pineal, and then to the pituitary, where we will spend time discussing how nootropic herbs work on the adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive systems. Learn how herbs like gingko, lavender, griffonia, and others support the neuroendocrine (nerve + endocrine) system. Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Phytonutrients and Food as Medicine ~ Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas (Advanced)
    In this class we will emphasize the importance of a diet of high quality foods with phytonutrient diversity to address clinical imbalances and achieve the highest expression of health. I will present some of today’s most inspiring thoughts on this vital topic. We will look at the emerging research about the many health effects of our food and develop a foundation for herbalists to recommend dietary and lifestyle interventions. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    The Philosophy of Herbal Formulation ~ Maia Toll (Advanced)
    Herbal energetics are the key to successful formulation for both individual constitutions and complex conditions. In this class we’ll talk energetics, geek-out on the history of formulating from various traditions, and then dive into how to create personalized blends and protocols. In addition you’ll learn a few common (and easily avoided!) mistakes to take your blends from blah to brilliant. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Tools for Anxiety and Depression ~ Janet Kent (Advanced)
    Modern humans endure an incredible amount of stress. Any thinking, feeling person is likely to experience anxiety and/or depression in the face of these stressors. How do we best choose the herb or herbs that will ease our symptoms? Learn diagnostic tools and specific indications of our herbal allies to facilitate custom formulation for individuals experiencing anxiety and depression. Saturday 5:00-6:30

  • Herbal Foundations

    Earth Medicine 101 ~ Maia Toll
    One of the greatest gifts of working with the plants is realizing that you are not alone. You're surrounded by a world that whispers advice and offers direction. But how do you learn to decipher the words of the natural world? Understanding how you receive information, as well as knowing which archetypes and elements animate your outer world and invigorate your soul, will unlock a world of connectivity. Bring a journal or sketchbook to this illuminating, experiential class! Friday 5:00-6:30

    The Fine Craft of Herbal Bitters ~ Abby Artemisia (Workshop)
    Bitters are all the rage! But do you know their original purpose and how they work? We’ll look at this bitter history and a little science behind the medicine. As an “herbtastic” addition to cocktails, or to help your liver and gallbladder digest rich food without falling into a food coma, bitters are your friends! We’ll discover the different components of bitters: how that bitter taste stimulates digestion, what a carminative is, and the perfect crafting techniques to make your bitters delicious. We’ll get to taste a delightful array of recipes and send you home with your own self-crafted bitters. Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Foraging and First Aid Walk ~ Abby Artemisia
    Let’s take a meander through the wild and open spaces, learning which plants you can grow in your garden or wild harvest for everyday ailments and health support. We’ll discuss the basic tips and tricks of plant identification, safe and ethical foraging practices, tools, preservation, and formula making. Bring your notebook, camera, field guides, and dress for the weather. Friday 5:00-6:30

    Herbal Cordials to Sweeten the Spirit ~ Janet Kent (Workshop)
    Though “cordial” now most often refers to a liqueur, the word derives from the Latin word Cordialis which means “of or for the heart”. Traditionally, cordials were sweet medicines made with herbs that support the heart. In this workshop we will return to the roots of the cordial as we discuss herbs that soothe the heart and lift the spirit, learn the qualities of herbs that make a dynamic cordial, and learn the art of mixing these ingredients to create our very own delicious and transformative mood-lifting medicine. We’ll create our own personal cordials to take home and enjoy! Friday 1:30-3:00

    Herbalists’ Botany Walk ~ Abby Artemisia
    Though herbalists create medicine every day, we are often disconnected from the plants themselves and daunted by the thought of wildcrafting. Learn the terminology to make wild plant identification easier and even fun. Every herbalist should know some basic botany to strengthen your connection to the plants and ensure you’re working with the species you think you are. We'll look at some of the common plants and plant families growing regionally and practice our identification skills. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    The Kitchen Herbalist ~ Chonteau McElvin (Workshop)
    What better place to begin your herbalist journey than in your kitchen. Your "healing kitchen laboratory" is a place for alchemy--everything you have to nourish and support you and your community is right there. In this workshop we will explore the tools, energy, and spirit of your healing kitchen laboratory. We will also learn how to use the herbs in your spice cabinet to create nutritive and supportive remedies. Each participant will create and take home a multipurpose spice blend for health and wellness. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Lavender & Lemon Balm ~ Chonteau McElvin
    This workshop will explore the historical and traditional uses of lemon balm and lavender from a folk healing perspective. Known for their calming effects, these two sisters have much more to share. We will delve into the numerous uses and benefits. We will also learn how to enter into a quiet space while harvesting and making medicines. "When we enter into a quiet space and open our hearts, the flowers will reveal their secrets." ~ Dr. Carver. Get ready to take home some great recipes and remedy ideas! Sunday 9:00-10:30

    Low-Cost Home Apothecary ~ Amanda David
    Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine. However it remains cost prohibitive for many. One way to bring herbal medicine back to the people is to find creative ways to make it affordable. In this class we will explore how folks with limited resources and those who receive SNAP/Food Stamps can utilize these benefits along with some simple foraging to create an abundance of free herbal medicines for common home use. Saturday 5:00-6:30

    Tea for Self-Care & Resiliency ~ Amanda David (Workshop)
    Water-based preparations are the foundation of herbalism and caring for ourselves is the foundation of resiliency. Discover how the simple act of making tea can be critical in our work towards liberation. We will learn a variety of internal and external applications of tea, demonstrate proper preparation techniques, and practice synergistic formulation strategies. We will meet plants to partner with for self care and create individualized tea blends to take home that will give comfort while nourishing our strength and vitality in the face of ongoing trauma and oppression. Join us as we co-create a simple, accessible tea ritual for self care and resiliency! Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Urban Herbalism ~ Karen Rose (Intensive)
    Urban herbalism is the practice of cultivating relationships with plants in city, community, rooftop and fire escape gardens. Herbalists grow plants wherever they land. Access to a traditional farm does not need to dictate your herbalism practice. In this workshop we will explore an abundant vision of herbalism in city spaces, we will speak to the rich abundance of the wisdom of community elders, innovation and imagination found in Community Gardens. We will share learned practices from our Medicine Wheel Garden in Brooklyn, NY. Sunday 9:00-1:00

    What is CBD? ~ Dr. Jody Noe
    Cannabinoid oil is quickly gaining popularity and acclaim. We will cover its many uses and applications, the difference between commercial hemp and cannabis, a comparison of brands, dosing schedules, and also spend some time with questions and answers. Join us for an overview of CBD and walk away feeling confident and comfortable using and/or recommending CBD. Friday 5:00-6:30

    Afrikan Oils and Crystals that Carry Us ~ Cantrice Janelle Penn
    We will explore the Afrikan origins of plant-based carrier oils and the ways in which these oils function as botanical “gatekeepers” for the spirit. We will also explore the role of quartz crystals partnered with plant-sourced essential oils, whose elevated vibration can support our spiritual, emotional, and physical needs—especially as womxn in a world swallowed up by cisheteropatriarchy and colonization. Saturday 9:00-10:30

  • Healing Historical Trauma & Oppression

    Healing Historical Trauma and Grief ~ Patty Grant-Edgemon
    Learn how historical events continue to impact the lives of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation generational. Experience how acknowledging these traumas affects each person individually and the courage it will take to move beyond the trauma into forgiveness. Saturday 5:00-6:30

    Healthcare Injustice and Herbalism ~ Amanda David
    In this class we will look at historical and current examples of disparities and violence against black folks in the American medical system. We will consider how this injustice shapes the health of black folks and how herbalism has and can continue to grow as an agent for health justice. Sunday 9:00-10:30

    Herbs, Slavery, and the South ~ Sobande Greer
    Although they were stripped of everything, including their names, Africans newly pressed into slavery carried fragmented memories of their culture, music, folklore, social structure, religious and spiritual beliefs to the mines and plantations of America. On the plantations of the American South slaves multiplied and passed their African roots to their descendants in a rich and lasting oral tradition that survives to this day. Experience an unbridled opportunity to journey back to the ancient art of healing through the eyes of Sobande's foremothers. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Overcoming Racial and Social determinants ~ Jacquelyn Hallum
    Shall we live up to or down to the social determinants of health? The determinants of health can be our destiny but it cannot happen without our help. Many times, we decide that our circumstances cannot be changed. I want my Sisters to know that everything we do is within our charge. Knowledge is power and this session will empower you to understand your role in determining your health outcomes. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Peer Listening: Healing the Hurts of Sexism ~ Dr. Cornelia Cho
    What if you knew a simple but powerful form of listening that you were free to practice at any time that not only would help heal the hurts of sexism, but would give you a broader understanding of the dynamics of oppression and how we often end up competing instead of cooperating? Rooted in Re-evaluation Co-counseling, come join us for theory, hands-on practice and the potential for self-determined self-transformation. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Southern African-American Rootwork: A Tool for Survival ~ Ikeoma Divine
    Rootwork in the American South originated out of the struggle to maintain a relationship rooted in ancestral guidance and reverence despite Protestant forced religion on the enslaved Africans. A DAEUS (Descendants of African Americans Enslaved in the US) form of shamanism, these rituals of resistance were used for protection and healing. Due to miseducation and the media’s negative portrayal of any African based spiritual system, many avoid learning the true nature of this practice. This class will focus on the history as well as the importance of ancestral reverence. It will also discuss the alchemy of using herbs, mediumship, tools, and time to produce powerful Rootwork results. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    Unity Village Orientation
    Sisters come and co-create together our transformative gathering in unity. The reality is we live in a racially structured society which is stifling our lives. All are welcome to join conference Unity Village volunteers and staff as we prepare for the weekend, learning tools necessary to build together at the conference and beyond. Friday 3:15-4:30pm

  • Movement & Sound

    Dance & Drum Performance with Djoli Kelen & Friends (Saturday Evening Event)
    Take a journey through generations of Traditional, Herstorical, Authentic nourishment and nurturing as Djoli Kelen, Inc. and friends, Egbe Sekere and Giwayen Mata, present Wise of the Wombman!!! Elements embodied will combine traditions of Bamana, Malinke, Baga, and Yoruba cultures presented through song, dance, music, and culture.

    Drum Circle at the Spiral Fire ~ Giwayen Mata (Friday Evening Event)
    Grab your djembe and have at it! Or just come and dance…

    Farewell Jam with Mother Turtle and Giwayen Mata (Sunday Special Event)
    Let's give thanks for this powerful experience that we have shared! Join together to say our farewells and recognize this incredible web of women that we weave as we go out into the world.

    Lakeside Trance Dance Ritual ~ Kim Duckett (Evening Event)
    Join us for a simple yet transformative opportunity to dance and move to music under the full moon in a sacred and safe environment. We will celebrate the sisterhood and connection of the web of wise women in this vibrant, loving community of women. In order to honor the safety of the container, the dance is for adults only. To support the container, we encourage participants to arrive on time and stay through the end. Saturday 8:00-11:00pm

    MaaticFlow Yoga & Crystal Meditation ~ JoyMaat (Evening Event)
    Join me for a 60-minute session on yoga + crystal meditation; affirmations. My yoga brand is MaaticFlow Yoga, which is in the style of Kemetic Yoga (ancient Egyptian) -a form of yoga that uses geometric progression into postures, gentle movement and sciences of the breath and meridians that were transcribed from the pyramids of Egypt, Africa. In MaaticFlow Yoga, I teach a sequenced flow to music and utilize wellness modalities throughout the practice. Friday 9:30pm

    Qoya: Wise, Wild, and Free ~ Virgina Rosenburg
    Throughout history humans have used dance as a form of natural healing. Qoya combines dance, yoga, and sensual movement to facilitate a return to your body. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it feels. You can trust that your body is inherently wise, and that it knows how to move. Saturday 5:00-6:30

    Roots of Bellydance ~ Michelle Dionne
    In this ancient tradition, women belly dance together in sisterhood to promote deep healing and transformation, cultivate self-love and body-love, and connect to their intuition and divine guidance. This class will cover fundamental movements as well as basic information on how belly dance holistically heals. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Sacred Breathwork Circle ~ Evanye Lawson
    Breathwork is an active meditation where breathing in and out is done at a semi-fast pace to invoke emotional catharsis, reduced stress, increased self compassion, and divine clarity or insight. We will lay down on our backs or sit up to breathe as a collective group with music and body movement. This is experiential and will require women to lay on their back or have the ability to sit in a chair. There will be a discussion at the beginning about what breathwork is and how to get into the breath. Friday 5:00-6:30

    Song Circle With Mother Turtle (Welcome Activity)

    Spiral Power Qi Gong at Spiral Fire ~ Virginia Rosenberg
    In this movement meditation, gentle, fluid, spiraling movements help to open the body and stimulate energy flow. This ancient Taoist inner alchemy practice promotes health and wellness on all levels of being. No experience necessary. Friday 5:00-6:30

    Sunrise Yoga ~ Michele Ashley (Early Morning Activity)
    Bring a mat, all levels welcome. Saturday & Sunday 7:00-8:00

    Swimming & Canoes ~ (Sisterhood Playtime Special Event)
    Saturday 12:00-3:00

    West African Dance ~ Christan Carter
    This dance class is an active, dance experience that incorporates rhythmic energetic dance and traditions of the people of West Africa. It is designed for anyone who wishes to dance. All levels welcomed. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    Your Voice and the Power of Sound ~ gina Breedlove (Intensive)
    Your voice can be medicine for your body. The sound that you create can be a potent, powerful ally for you, your beloveds, and community. In our Vibration of Grace™ intensive we will move sound through our skin, organs, blood and being, from the soles of our feet to the top of our crown. As we practice both ancient and new rituals of toning and intoning, we will discover where “stuck” energy may be lurking, holding, blocking our flow. Using the sound of your voice, you will develop mantras for personal intent, and receive practices for centering, presence, and releasing what no longer serves your life. *Please dress comfortably and bring something to write with. Saturday 3:00-6:30

  • Spirit & Sexuality

    The Bones of Mother Earth Ceremony: Rock & Mineral Ceremony ~ Sharon Oxedine
    This ceremony is done in a circle of participants as we speak to each other with only rocks using an ancient indigenous ceremony. By knocking on each other’s bones, we remember and hold space for who we came here to be and allow our souls to name our gifts. Let us come together and listen to the language of our bones and how we can weave together our work together in the world. Please bring two rocks that will not be returned to you. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    The Embodied Orgasm ~ Evanye Lawson
    Are you ready to experience the full potential of your orgasmic pleasure? The kind of pleasure you didn't learn about in school? Join us for this interactive class, filled with meditation and breathing techniques, and learn how to access your embodied orgasmic potential. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves ~ Mother Turtle
    What we believe about ourselves is not always based in truth. We form beliefs around experiences in our lives. Some events have left us with toxic tales that are stored in our bodies and can cause imbalance and disease. Free yourself from what is keeping you from fulfilling your deepest desires, as we use song, meditation, game, and symbols to enter deep into our hearts and embark upon a journey of discovery and liberation. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    Herbal Stress Management ~ Janet Kent
    In our fast-paced, over-stimulating world, we experience more types of stress than humans have ever faced. In this class we will talk about the physiology of stress and how it contributes to poor health, from weakened immune systems to chronic health problems. While we may have little control over our stress levels at times, there are herbs that lessen the impact of stress. We will discuss several herbs at length that can help us deal with both short and long term stress, fostering resilience and better overall health. Sunday 9:00-10:30

    Liberate: Decolonizing Erotic Pleasure ~ Evanye Lawson
    Sexual liberation is a form of activism and empowerment. This class will discuss what it means to own your sex. You will learn how to cultivate sex magic for manifestation and healing anytime you want it and on your own terms. Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Plant and Crystal Meditation ~ Kady Morgan
    Our planet is a complex matrix of energy and vibration. The ley lines and grid of Gaea is calling for the sacred medicine our plant teachers can provide. This outdoor meditation and ceremony will invite you to explore a deeper spiritual connection to your favorite herb, fungi, or tree being. Bring a quartz crystal and your purest intentions to gift the medicine of your favorite plant spirit consciousness into the earth grid for the amplification of our collective healing! Sunday 9:00-10:30

    Plant Spirit Walk ~ Kady Morgan
    For millennia humans and plants have been spiritual allies. In many indigenous cultures around the world, the spirit and essence of a plant is widely recognized to hold their deepest medicine. This medicine walk will be an exploration into the realm of plant spirit consciousness. A brief discussion about working with plants will precede a walk to explore how to see, feel, and contact plant spirits to expand your herbal practice! Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Ritual for Grief, Shame, and Moving Past Your Past ~ Sobande Moss-Greer (Evening Event)
    This intimate ritual is designed to allow women to look deeper into how their past has transformed them. It also provides unique tools to equip women on the journey to whole life healing, self acceptance, and true self love. Participants should bring a journal, pen, open mind, loving heart, and a green candle.

  • Vibrant Health & Nutrition

    Challenging Politically Correct Nutrition: The Oiling of America ~ Sally Fallon Morrell
    Let's look at the "oiling" of America and how the false cholesterol theory caused Americans to abandon traditional whole foods and created an epidemic of chronic disease. Learn about fraud in research, deception in the media, and the dangers of statin drugs. Saturday 5:00-6:30

    Deep Immunity ~ Rebecca Word
    Let’s look at deep immunity as going beyond surviving to thriving, resilience and vitality. We will examine the complicated weave of psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology with a fresh look at today’s world. This class will compare surface and deep immunity, honor the plants that support both, and go well beyond echinacea. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Herbal Remedies to Ease Suffering ~ Linda Nash Stevenson
    Easing suffering is something we all can do. We will explore caregiving herbal wisdom to help loved ones, friends, and patients, using a whole person approach, to help balance not just physical, but also emotional and mental health. This class will cover a spectrum of remedies to address many conditions using constitutional herbs, teas, compresses, poultices, food as medicine, herbs, spices, herbal baths, flower essence remedies, aromatherapy, and herbal relief from many complaints that go along with illness. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Medical Cannabis Clinical Applications ~ Dr. Jody Noe (Intensive)
    With medical marijuana now legal in 33 states, our country is beginning to remember the power of a plant that has been used as herbal medicine by cultures for eons. Cannabis has been found to help with a plethora of disease states and symptoms. In this intensive, we will begin to understand the biochemistry of cannabinoids and the human endocannabanoid system. We will be introduced to the different species of the genus Cannabis and look at the edible versus the combusted medicines, as well as the difference in the half-life of these applications. We will also focus on the specific indications of how this plant medicine can be applied to different health strategies. Join us as we gain a deeper understanding of this powerful green ally. Saturday 9:00-12:30

    Nourishing Traditional Foods: The Key to Vibrant Health ~ Sally Fallon Morell (Intensive)
    Join Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions, as she explains why the key to vibrant health is to enjoy the traditional foods that kept our ancestors healthy. Beginning with a presentation of Dr. Weston A. Price’s unforgettable photographs of healthy traditional peoples, Sally explains the underlying factors in a variety of traditional diets that conferred beauty, strength, and complete freedom from disease in so-called “primitive” populations. In this intensive, learn about the health benefits of butter and the vital role of high cholesterol foods, the dangers of modern soy foods and vegetable oils, and how to prepare grains for optimum nourishment and digestibility. Enjoy this rare opportunity to learn from the leading spokesperson for a return to nutrient-dense diets including raw milk, animal fats, organ meats, bone broths and lacto-fermented foods. Friday 1:30-4:30

    Raw Dairy and Real Milk ~ Sally Fallon Morell
    Learn why full-fat raw milk from cows on pasture is nature’s safest and healthiest food, and the key to revitalizing rural communities and reclaiming our constitutional rights. Join Sally's campaign for Real Milk as she discusses the safety, health, economic and legal issues surrounding raw milk. Saturday 9:00-10:30

    The Sacred Art of Plant-Based Skincare ~ Lucretia VanDyke (Workshop)
    In this workshop, we will learn how to use what is in your kitchen and garden to craft skin and body care, as well as how plant spirit meditation and crystals can amplify your connection to the plants. From face massage, to masks, to infused oils, to Chinese face mapping, we will look at the anatomy of a facial, while studying the link between beauty rituals and self healing. Together we will explore a more holistic approach to skincare. Join me in creating sacred space for making medicines and leave with your very own hand crafted product! Friday 5:00-6:30

  • Women's Wisdom

    Beyond Patriarchal Psychologies ~ Kim Duckett
    Unlike most patriarchal psychologies, Relational Psychology and Cultural Theory asserts that culture powerfully impacts relationships and thus one’s class, race, nationality, affectional preference, age, etc., and inherently affects and shapes one’s psychology. This perspective honors the complexities of human connections and explores the personal and social factors that can lead to chronic disconnection. We will discuss the importance of mutual growth enhancing relationships, the role of empathy and zest in these kinds of relationships, and how to grow these kinds of connections for one’s overall health and well-being! Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Botanical and Nutritional Support for Menopause ~ Dr. Crystal Dawn Silas
    We will discuss the impact of menopause on critical aspects of a woman's well being with a focus on common symptoms women experience during the menopausal transition. Botanical, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to optimize wellness and quality of life will be presented. Saturday 5:00-6:30

    Croning Ceremony ~ Byron Ballard
    When we step out of our active mothering and queening years, we wrap ourselves in the deep cloak of cronehood. Sisters of appropriate age may participate in this ceremony, which honors them as they step forward into this powerful time and all ages welcome to witness. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Deep Nourishment in the Wise Woman Tradition ~ Corinna Wood
    The concept of nourishment is foundational to the Wise Woman Tradition. As we turn our attention away from ‘fixing’ or ‘cleansing’ ourselves, we move toward nourishing ourselves—physically, emotionally, and spiritually, such that our bodies respond by moving toward optimum health. Learn about embracing the spiral of light and dark, incorporating nourishing herbal sources and a wide range of whole foods, and honoring your needs to support your thriving. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Green Allies from Maidens to Crones ~ Byron Ballard
    Ready to sing and dance and claim your role as a mountain "herb woman"? This exploration of the deepening roots of our lives as women includes a ceremony of empowerment, as well as a close look at the herbal allies for all phases of our wild and female life. Friday 5:00-6:30

    Herbal Wisdom for Families ~ Linda Nash Stevenson
    Traditional herbal wisdom comes from many corners of the globe – and grandmothers play a role in the knowledge and lineage of families and their cultural rituals and unique traditions for pregnancy, birth, and the newborn. Linda will emphasize working with herbal remedies during pregnancy, the postpartum time, with newborn babies, and beyond. This course is designed to give support to work with herbal remedies, dosing, and administration guidelines for safe use of herbs by age. Sunday 11:30-1:00.

    Holistic Breast Health ~ Tesia Love
    Our breasts have the ability to provide nourishment, beauty, and pleasure for our loved-ones and ourselves. In this class we’ll ditch the fear around breast health, and instead explore ways to honor and care for our twin peaks with self-massage, oils, balms, herbs and more. Saturday 3:00-4:30

    Maidens Rite of Passage: Honoring the Threshold at the Spiral Fire ~ Lena Ruark-Eastes (Sisterhood Playtime Event)
    We invite the power of our collective witnessing of these blossoming young women as they honor the threshold of their girlhood into their womanhood and receive the holding of the larger village. We say with our presence, “ We see you, we honor you, we are here with you.” The crossing of this threshold with the witnessing of the whole is an opportunity for each young woman to set down what no longer serves her and simultaneously call in intentions or prayers for her life moving forward.Saturay 1:30-2:30

    Superpower of Self-Love ~ JoyMaat
    Consciously living in self-love is about practicing choices that you make daily to bring yourself into better balance with your mental, emotional, and physical health. In this class, you will identify ways you can charge your superpower of self-love through practices of self-care. These practices will help you to maximize your intentional energy in order to help you relieve stress, reduce illness, and bring focus and fulfillment into all areas of your life. We will discuss mental, physical, and behavioral health facts and tips, daily tasks and affirmations, journaling, and healthy comfort foods and superfoods. Sunday 9:00-10:30

    The Art of Circle: Falling in Love with Your Divine Self ~ Sora Surya No
    Step into the seat of your awareness, dear sisters, and experience the sacred power of ritual. Join us in circle and allow your soul to come forth and heal through the connection of sisterhood. Tap into your intuition as you begin to integrate with clarity after this transformative and mystical journey. Embrace your wild self and activate the beauty, abundance, and grace in all that is available to you. Our ancestors and the sacred healers who have come before us are waiting for us to gather. What a blissful reunion it shall be as we fall in love with our divine selves! Sunday 9:00-10:30

  • World Medicine Traditions

    African Spirituality & Astrology: Joy as a Spiritual Practice ~ Karen Rose
    An interactive circle exploring Joy and its daily maintenance in our lives alongside revolution and brokenness. We will examine the dynamic of Joy and brokenness through the archetype of Oya and Oshun goddess in the African Yoruba pantheon. We will parallel these to current astrological happenings. Saturday 11:00-12:30

    Afrolachian Healing ~ Lucretia VanDyke
    Throughout history, women of color have been granny midwives, herbalists, abolitionists, and medicine women. Join me in speaking some of their names to understand how they have influenced my healing arts journey. We will talk about indigenous folk medicine, connections with plants, history of healing/grief ceremonies, the importance of equal representation for women of color, and bringing back "the village." Let us explore how we can carry on the legacy of women of color and the healing arts in Appalachia. Saturday 5:00-6:30

    Applying Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Modern Herbalism ~ JulieAnn Nugent-Head
    Drawing from ancient Chinese texts, we will discuss the inherent strength of herbs: mild, moderate, or intense in effect; the qualities of herbs, such as flavor and nature; and their yin and yang qualities. This allows one to better understand how and where an herb will affect the body, and to choose the appropriate effect upon the body, whether it is warming, cooling, dispersing, gathering, solidifying, softening, in order to resolve symptoms and stop disease. Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Granny’s Scots-Irish Herbal Tradition ~ Byron Ballard
    Many of the herbal remedies used successful by the mountain people of the Southern Appalachians came from their homelands in the British Isles and Ireland. Find out what Granny knew about these herbs, what they do, how to use them, and the history that came with them. Sunday 9:00-10:30

    Native American Plant Walk ~ Cindi Quay
    Join us as we connect to the plant kingdom hands-on. Learn to identify native plants and honor the spirit plant that is calling to you for your personal use. And, depending on timing, perhaps also experience a bit of Native American Ceremony. Saturday 5:00-6:30 & Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Myths, Mystery & Folklore of the Caribbean (Evening Event) ~ Karen Rose
    In this evening of storytelling, we will explore the Myth, Mystery + Folklore of the Caribbean and the South, particularly the French Creole heritage, as connected with spiritual and physical healing. We will retell the stories that travelled with our ancestors from West Africa and melded into the landscape of our new home. Though our ancestors had to adapt outwardly to conform to their slave owner’s way of life, they continued to practice what they remembered throughout their captivity and verbally passed these stories on to new generations. I will share the stories of my grandmother, the remedies she offered for appeasing the spirits, as well as the herbs that I use within my practices, discovered through my spiritual maturity.

    Rootwork For Self-Transformation ~ Ikeoma Divine
    This class explores Rootwork rituals used to remove blockages and stagnation of 7 energy points (also known as chakras) that are connected to one’s emotional and physical body. It examines the alchemy of Rootwork and the importance of ancestral reverence to assist with healing generational past and present trauma. In addition to learning one’s emotional blockages and techniques to remove them, students will develop personal rituals while acknowledging accountability of self-imposed stagnation resulting in an empowered practitioner. Sunday 11:30-1:00

    Understanding Ayurveda ~ Tesia Love
    Ayurveda is the 5,000+ year-old traditional healing system of India that addresses all aspects of health — mind, body and spirit. This sister science of yoga and cousin of Chinese medicine was developed and documented in India, yet its wisdom applies to all and is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Come explore a deeper understanding of this art and science, which you can use for your own self-healing or in clinical practice. Friday 5:00-6:30

  • Other Activities

    Opening Ceremony (Friday Evening Event)
    As we begin this magical weekend, we open the conference together on Friday evening. Join together at Wise Woman Hall where our special guests will guide us and ground us, as we engage our collective intentions. Enjoy song, story, and connections, honoring the plants and our diversity as wise women.
    Friday 8:00-9:00 (7:30 doors)

    Barter Only Circle (Sisterhood Playtime Special Event)
    If you are interested in participating in the barter only circle, bring your items up to Wise Woman Hall. Please keep in mind that it is barter ONLY, which means no monetary exchange is permitted. Saturday 1:30-2:30 (set up at 1:15)

    Newcomer’s Orientation (Welcome Activity)
    Newcomers are encouraged to come to this orientation for pointers about this unique gathering, to support your flow throughout the weekend. Friday 3:15-4:30

    Teacher Market at Maple Tree Center (Sisterhood Playtime Special Event)
    Enjoy a moment with a few of our teachers at the Maple Tree Center and browse their offerings. Saturday 1:30-2:30 (setup at 1:00)


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